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The Metaverse Platform

Explore metaverses and/or host your own metaverse today!

  • Create your own 3D virtual metaverse venue in minutes
  • Hangout with up to 100 people per verse with spatial video & audio
  • Link multiple verses together to accomodate 100s or 1000s of attendees
  • Our WebXR + WebRTC platform supports: mobile (phones & tablets), desktop, and immersive VR (Oculus & Vive) and AR (Hololens & MagicLeap) with no downloads!

Get Started

Creating your own metaverse in 3 simple steps.

1. Start by registering and claiming a verse name in one simple step.
2. Create a metaverse.json file and upload it to your website -OR- copy and paste A-Frame script into our wizard!
3. Invite your friends, colleagues, and customers!

The metaverse.json is basically a JSON formatted A-Frame file with assets, entities, and HTML embeds arrays.

More metaverse.json examples

Simple Pricing

Get started for free and upgrade as your team grows or requires more collaboration tools.


  • 1 verse
  • Up to 10 participants
  • 60 minute verse visits
  • * No credit cards required



  • Unlimited verses
  • Up to 25 participants per verse
  • Unlimited verse visiting durations
  • Configurable room names
  • Verse-wide announcements
  • Secure verse with password
  • * Includes 2,500 participant minutes per month



  • Supports all PRO-25 features
  • Up to 50 participants per verse
  • * Includes 5,000 participant minutes per month

* Participant minutes are calculated as total number of attendees' minutes spent online across all verses. Additional minutes can be purchased as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions is secure, metaverse platform offering from USA-based XPRANET, inc, the XR spatial Web company. If you are interested in 2D hybrid collaboration workspaces, checkout GroupRoom, our sister platform.

Yes. We offer a free plan limited to 10 concurrent users and a single verse.

Yes. You can upgrade and downgrade plans as desired.